If you have been in the online selling business for a while, then you have definitely heard of Shopify, since they are the leaders when it comes to ecommerce solutions. Something that they also excel at are their ecommerce themes, especially their premium ones. In this article we will introduce you to four of them so that you can see why they hold the title of being the best.

  1. Flow

With a crisp and clean design, this premium ecommerce theme is also broad enough to have the ability to work anywhere. The theme comes with a unique homepage grid that is great for promoting recent products or for adding banners that can lead to something else on your site. The theme comes with three styles, that are pretty much the same except for the sizes of the photos that you can upload on them.

  1. Responsive

Even though this ecommerce theme has a strange name, the many features that it offers are exactly the reason why it is in the premium section. You get things like product zooming and sidebar product collections, and something that you can do is organize a few those collections on your homepage in a way that they will be split into a bunch of different categories based on the products. As the name suggests, this theme is fully responsive, which means it is prefect for any display or device.

  1. Pacific

This is most likely Shopify’s most professional store theme and it features high contrast colours, full screen image slideshows and four different styles that have different font styles and colour schemes. Cool is the default style and it targets any type of product that you’d want to sell; Bright is one that could work great for something like school supplies of kid’s toys since it has very beautiful, bright colours; Warm is pretty generic and can be used for any type of product because of it; and finally Bold feels like it would work best for selling things like clothes and attire.

  1. Mosaic

To stay true to its name, Mosaic offers users a custom mosaic greed design. The theme comes with three different styles, but our favourite is the Gesso style because of its solid top header photo that stays put, while also adding the mosaic grid into the page. This theme is perfect for someone that has something like an Etsy store where they might be selling handmade art, or products of that nature.

As you can see, Shopify’s premium ecommerce themes are ones that are just packed with features and options that will not only make your page look great, but will also do that with easy and simplicity, and it our opinion, that makes the premium price worth it.


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